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Bull Island Realty

Serving the Hampton Roads Area

44 Holloway Road

Poquoson, VA 24342

Phone:  111.111.1111

Fax:  111.111.1111







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1033 Dare Road

Yorktown, VA

3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths,2.76 Acres


Just Reduced !!!


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1127 Poquoson Ave.

Poquoson, VA

Newly Custom Built Home with

4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths.



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For a Free  Home Analysis Call 757.868.HOME

We work for YOU at Bull Island Realty!

Bull Island Realty homes and cottages are equipped with high speed fabric doors as well as with the personal parking sheds and garages. The interior of such homes has been improved by Graco fusion gun.

The best high-quality entry doors and windows from are integral parts of Bull Island Realty homes. As you see all of our finished projects have their unique style and eye-pleasing external design. Various construction materials were selected in order to correspond the style of each and every house. We cooperate with a number of construction companies and construction materials manufactures to provide our clients with cozy and comfortable homes. We know everything about modern trends and techniques, which allow us to carry out quick and effective pre-sale renovation works. The design of windows was selected with the help of professional installers from, who also performed installation and window openings trim works.







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